GUEST BLOG: Pedallers Sunday Ride 29th Jan 2019


The Queenstown Pedallers, are Queenstown's most active and social cycling club. Meeting up several times a week to drink coffee, have a yarn and ride their bikes. Active supporters of the Queenstown Trails Trust and we'd hedge a bet at most active user base of the trails, they have some great stories to tell.

MTB Riders: Alan W, Alan Mac, Mark Q, Richard T, John M, Michael A, Gordon G, Sandra B, Peter A*, Nigel H.

Roadies: Eoin O, Colin Mac, Geoff S, Brian/Louise H, Lyn G, Kerry D, Alison H, Lindsay/Di W, Helen J, Ian D.

A good gathering of riders assembled for a pleasant Sunday pedal. Warm, dry conditions.

We checked out Steve J’s new forks. No springy bits to the forky bits. It allows a weight reduction of about 1kg by having no suspension. Riding quick with Mark Q means they barely feel the bumps.

The rest of us headed off through Millbrook to wear through the last of our brake-pads going down Christine’s Hill. Then we circled around Lake Hayes with Gordon and Richard the pace-makers.

After a short breather at Threepwood, and no major commitment to which course we’d take through Bridesdale/Lake Hayes Estate the group became a little disjointed. Some got across SH6 superbly while a few were delayed by traffic. On the road!

Happily managing to catch all the Alan’s, we chased through LHE but realised, too late, that John M was not behind us. A quick U-turn to see where he’d got to, showed no sign of said John, and I visualised writing him a letter of apology: “ Dear John……

The A-team and I climbed up Thompson’s Hill to find some of the group waiting patiently. We had a short blame-game to decide who was responsible for losing John. I’d already written half of the letter…. Peter went back to look for him. The rest of us tore off to dodge rain drops.

The rain hit just in time to get us all wet before winding up at Unwind for hot drinks. John arrived back later. A bit wet, but not too perturbed about not ending up en-ensemble.

Note to self: Remember my early rides when I caught up to the waiting peloton, and the resulting psychological scars as they set off again just as I came to rest! Hmmm…  



If you are interested in joining the Queenstown Pedallers on any of their weekly rides please do get in touch with Peter -


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