Top 5: Reasons to ride to work


In Queenstown there is an incredible network of trails to choose, wherever you are commuting from.

You can ride on the road for a speedier, more aero option, or if you’d rather avoid the cars and buses, you can ride on one of the amazing trails developed by Queenstown Trails Trust. 

With recent injections to funding, together with the Way2Go collaboration, the Queenstown Trails Trust continues to expand and improve the trail network in the area, providing safe and secure trails for users. So, now is as good a time as any to start leaving your house a little earlier, leaving the car at home and getting on your bike to make the most of the trails we have on our doorstep. 

Here’s our top 5 reasons to get on your bike and ride to work:

1. Summer is coming!

Now that Spring has sprung, the weather has turned and the clocks have gone forward, the evenings are lighter for longer. Summer in Queenstown is made for biking and this summer is set to be a good one - no floods please! What better excuse to get outside, enjoy the warm sun and work on that leg tan!

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 2. Exercise/Wellbeing

Biking has this incredible way of kickstarting your brain, with blood flowing to your brain as it does with your muscles. It brings more oxygen and nutrients to the brain and is actually proven to increase staff productivity levels by around 15%. Try it and you'll notice the days you ride to work, arriving out of breath, you'll have a clear head to start the day. These could be your most productive days, plus you’ve burned a few calories before starting the work day.

Biking has also been proven to improve your mood, getting what regular cyclists call the “cycling high”. It can be so easy to get stressed out sitting in traffic - Wouldn't you rather be moving on a bike using your body to move?  Try it, pump those endorphins and feel that high!

There is a reason that bikes were in high demand after lockdown! Being stuck inside, with limited options for exercise is tough. A bike was a saving grace for a lot of people and provided them with a means to “zone out” from everything going on. All forms of exercise positively affect anxiety, depression and self-esteem, however biking is seen as the most effective activity for the head and the heart.

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3. No need to wear a mask

As the Covid-19 pandemic rages around the world, we may feel safe in NZ right now, however we must be prepared for the situation to change in the future. It's good to remember on your bike you are in your own bubble, There is no need to cover your face or worry about social distancing. Since Covid, there has been a shift in discourse when it comes to general cleanliness, especially on public transport and public places, so we may end up needing to wear masks as a general rule going forward. Don’t want to wear one? Bike or walk instead!


4. It’s better for the environment and it costs you nothing!

Other than the initial cost of buying the bike, it costs you nothing and you are contributing to a more environmentally sustainable method of transport - your own steam! You don’t have to top up your petrol or top up your bus card, you just pedal. You can easily buy a cheap $100 second hand bike on local trading sites. If you purchase a higher end bike that might cost you the price of a used car, just think about how much extra you’d spend on the upkeep of a car compared with a bike. New tires, servicing, WOF, Rego and general maintenance, compared with a $69 service from your local bike shop is a no brainer. Plus it’s environmentally guilt-free!

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5. It’s more social

Not just for a beverage or two with your mates at the end of the day, but also for the friendly community that cyclists are. You’ll pass at least ten people on your commute who will no doubt give you a smiling acknowledgement that you share interests in an activity. It can also be a feeling of mutual smugness about not being stuck in traffic and getting in your exercise in.

With Queenstown being the adventure capital, it’s no surprise that most people here are mad about the outdoors and biking. With so many like minded people in Queenstown who are always happy to have company on a ride, stop for a yarn or offer advice, biking is such a great opportunity to meet new people and share in doing something you enjoy.

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Go on give commuting a try.

It’s easy to feel a sense of pure joy and freedom on a bike, especially with the huge variety of trails we have here, and we fully advocate for making the most of the trail network for commuting. With so many great benefits of active transport, there really is no reason not to give it a go. The first step is getting out the door, you’ll thank us later!

However, we also recognise it's not easy to give up the car, especially if your current commute is not the most direct or safest option. The Queenstown Trails Trust is working hard trying advocating for a safe and direct active transport network, so that every community in the Wakatipu district is just 5 minutes from an off-road trail. We'd love to know what it would take for you to try commuting. Share your thoughts by sending us an email or a DM on social media.



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